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Best home improvements to add luxury and comfort for the longterm homeowner:

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Not interesting in selling your home, but still want your home to feel like new?

Luxury home improvements are in high demand for a reason, because they not only add value to your home, they add value to your life.

For the latter reason, you want to focus your luxury home improvements on the areas of your home where you spend the most time. For many customers this means kitchens and bathrooms, but for others it could be the living room, basement or even a deck if you are a barbecue chef at heart! Below we go into more detail and give ideas to help you decide what luxuries would add value to your home life.

A Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first things people remodel when they are looking to improve their homes. Consider updating cabinets and counter tops and changing the layout and design of those cabinets and counters to make the space more open and more efficient. Proper cabinet design can significantly increase the usable space in the kitchen. Also consider knocking out walls and raising ceilings in order to achieve a more spacious look.

Flooring is also an important kitchen attribute. Hardwood flooring provides a luxurious surface for you and your family to walk on, but requires more maintenance than other surfaces like ceramic or porcelain tile. The choice is yours and depends on your kitchen layout and design and whether or not you want heated flooring. More often than not the most luxurious look and feel can be achieved with Italian porcelain.

Lighting is a major piece of a luxury kitchen. Properly designed lighting and light fixtures can transform the look of your kitchen the same way Photoshop can transform a dull picture into a work of art.

Finally, fixtures and appliances matter. Fixtures and appliances should match the quality of your desired kitchen and add functionality to the space.

A Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom projects are a great opportunity to pamper yourself! Spoil yourself by remodeling your ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa retreat. Heated tile floors and towel warmers can keep you feeling toasty all year long, even after you climb out of the tub or shower. A whirlpool or jacuzzi bathtub can be the centerpiece of your luxury bathroom, and toilets should be moved out of the direct line of sight of the entry door when possible. For example, by tucking a self-flushing toilet into a closet, you can make the area more private, convenient and comfortable.

Don’t forget the shower, and don’t’ be afraid to get creative here! Add a luxurious high-end steam shower with a rain showerhead, built-in FM radio, and lights to achieve ultimate relaxation. Consider knocking down walls to lengthen or widen stand up showers and make room for multiple shower-heads so that two or more people can shower together in comfort and enlarging the space of your bathroom will also contribute to its luxury. Also, installing glass shower walls and side jets can give you that five-star resort look and feel and incorporating a bench will make the bathroom even more cozy.

Another great idea is to add a high-tech sensor-activated faucet. You can top off your luxurious home spa with a built-in water resistant LCD television.

Remodeling your home into a spa-like resort is a worthwhile investment which will keep paying off for years to come.

Living Rooms

Living room improvements are a great opportunity to open up your living space, allowing more light and creating a bigger, warmer feeling room. There are many possibilities here, from removing walls, installing luxurious hardwood or tile, installing a recessed fireplace or updating windows and patio doors to add natural light and improved exterior views.


Now this can be a lot of fun and can be fully customized to your tastes and personality! A home theatre room with theatre seating for the movie buff, a sports bar for the sports fan of the house, a games room, a yoga/fitness space – the sky is the limit, just make sure you love it!

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